Our Hourly Rates



nuts and bolts of the
data entry contact us



consulting requested by you otherwise not covered in other categories of work contact us



Mostly incurred in the year end process. This is to assist the reader(s) of your financials and our goal here is to place your various amounts in the most appropriate category when creating and/or advising on your financial statements contact us



Applied when we have agreed to deal on your behalf with the various government agencies. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen too often. (Does not include the filing of your sales taxes or payroll taxes. These fall into the bookkeeping category.) contact us

Please Note

Clydesdale Services does not perform corporate review and audit engagements. Should you need these services, we do have relationships with others who are both qualified and authorized to complete such services

other issues you may need help with

  • Incorporation
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Legal
  • Banking
  • Strategic planning

If so, please contact us, as there is the strong likelihood that we can recommend you to someone who can help you. Our goal is to help you in anyway possible, whether this assistance comes directly from us or indirectly from someone who is associated with us.