Our People

this is what all accountants aspire to be when we grow up


Our Clydesdale team is a thoughtfully selected, aligned group of talented people who are service oriented. Our goal is to WOW our clients and continuously look for ways in which to elevate who we are, and how we serve and uplift those that we meet along the way.

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our Clydesdale team

  • Vince Schembri

    Lead Wowzer

  • Vince loves the “role” of President of Clydesdale Services Inc., but not the “title”, which is why he is known as the Lead WOWzer. He takes that role seriously as he’s always looking for ways to WOW everyone that comes across his path. He has spent over 20 years working in different finance, accounting and operational situations. (I know this is boring to a lot of you, but I need to say it so you know that I know what I’m doing, get it?) Vince is a designated accountant and a graduate from the B.C. Institute of Technology in Financial Management. His years of experience have resulted in his high levels of skill in:
    • Bookkeeping
    • Financial accounting
    • Cost accounting
    • Financial analysis
    • Taxation (everybody’s favourite right? – NOT!)
    • Management
    • Sales
    Vince is also (obviously) Italian. Very Italian. He is deeply passionate about his heritage. He also enjoys most sports, especially kickboxing, and is an active member at his church.
  • Jennifer Potts

    The Girl Friday

  • Jennifer has had an exciting career background and although no two positions have been the same, her love for people and passion for being the supportive “go to girl” that aims to simplify life has remained. Jennifer’s expertise is in:
    • Being the first impression
    • Organization and time management
    • Social media, marketing, reports and research
    • Planning and problem solving
  • When she’s not working, Jennifer can be found with her family playing chef, cheerleader, maid and judge all while practicing immense patience answering the question “why” for the five hundredth time. Date nights with her husband and friends are a luxury often spent outdoors, trying out a cool new restaurant, collecting delicious wines and checking off places on her travel list.
  • Bianca Stone

    Bookkeeping and Accounting – With a smile!

  • Bianca Stone has worked in bookkeeping and accounting for over 15 years. Originally from England, Bianca found her calling in accounting while living in Ireland, where she worked for several years before moving to Canada in 2012. Bianca has worked in several different industries and businesses including:
    • Start up businesses
    • Small businesses
    • Large multi-national corporations
    She brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm and dedication and always with a friendly smile. Bianca looks forward to working with you and your financial needs.
  • Shannon Garraway

    Bookkeeper – The kind you like talking to

  • Shannon has a strong background in the fitness industry ranging in everything from club consulting and ownership to personal training and staff leadership. As a small business owner she has been at the forefront of business management and administration for over two decades. Bookkeeping comes naturally to Shannon and she enjoys working with clients to keep their financial picture strong. Shannon’s expertise is in:
    • Accounting and Administration
    • Small Business Management
    • Staff Training and Leadership
    • Relationship Development
    Shannon is passionate about travel and everything fitness. You can often find her in a spin or yoga class. Most recently she has taken to hiking which gives her plenty of time to plan her next vacation.
  • Doreen Ram

    Associate Money Wrangler

  • Doreen began her financial career as a receptionist. Her potential was quickly recognized and she grew with that company. Now, with over 15 years’ experience working within different industries, she is a part of the Clydesdale team. Doreen is a graduate of the BC Institute of Technology Financial Management program. Doreen’s expertise is in:
    • Full cycle accounting
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Business plan development and execution
    • External reporting
    • Inter-company transactions
    • Cash forecasting & reporting.
  • Mari Krisha Aragones

    Accounting – The strong and silent type

Krisha is the team’s designated problem solver for the types of accounting issues that would make an experienced accountant’s head spin: and she makes it look so easy! While much of Krisha’s day is spent managing a number of high-value companies with complex accounting systems, she finds time to relax by doing year-end reviews and processing tax returns. Krisha’s expertise lies in:
  • Financial accounting
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Cost accounting
  • Cash management
  • Romicca Dichoso

    Full-cycle Accounting – With giggles

Micca is the go-to person for heavy-lifting and processing high-volume transactions. Her typical clients include busy retailers, food manufacturing companies, lending companies and construction firms. Micca’s the reliable backbone of their day-to-day operations and they depend on her to get their businesses moving. On her spare time, she leads her raiding party on virtual quests, including invading enemy towers and scaring noobs. Micca’s expertise is in:
  • Construction accounting
  • Full-cycle accounting
  • Cash management
  • Accounting systems design and implementation