Here is how we can help you:


The day-to-day recording of transactions can be a huge task and drain your time. Do you really want to do it? We do!



We use your bookkeeping info and follow accounting guidelines that we were forced to learn so your numbers are easier to understand. When they are, most people, including you, should know what’s going on.


Tax Returns

Bookkeeping and accounting is used to figure out whether or not you owe any taxes (we all know how much you like paying taxes – NOT!). We do all those icky slips, forms and tax returns to make sure your information is filed and on time.



You gotta pay those guys and gals that work for you. Do you like doing it? We do and know the proper steps to get it done.


Cost Accounting

Do you know how much you are making when you sell something? We can show you how much profit you are really making.


Cash Management

Do you have the cash to pay for what you buy or do you find that you have more month than money? This is not a joke and that’s why we know it’s important. Talk to us so you too can learn it’s possible to pay for what you buy.


Government Representation

We talk to those government peeps as most people can’t stand to. Are you one of them? We can help – just ask our first client!


Business Analysis/Growth

We take a look at what you are doing. We then let you know what can be done to increase your sales while keeping as much of the money you collect as possible.