When I first met Vince, he made a commitment to me, actually more of a challenge to himself for me. That he would take on Revenue Canada and win what other accountants for me had failed to do: get money that was truly mine back to me. Well, a few months and what I am sure were endless calls and emails to the powers that be in Ottawa later, I got my money back. Vince — you’re hired.

George   Affleck

Founder   and   President,   Curve   Communications   Group   Ltd.
Vince Schembri and Clydesdale Services have been my accounting and tax firm for the past 8 years. Their work is exceptionally detailed. I’ve appreciated the ability to call the team and do quick updates to my accounts as necessary. The reporting has also been invaluable. I have would and have recommended their services to many of my friends and business associates.

Colin   James   Goehring

Marriage Help Centers has been a client of Clydesdale Services since 2004.  I can tell you the team at Clydesdale Services are extremely competent under the leadership of Vince.  They are extremely thorough and their knowledge of the latest information regarding taxes is second to none. I would highly recommend using their services both for personal and business issues.  Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Ron   Konkin

Marriage   Help   Centers
I never knew doing my taxes could be so simple! Having Clydesdale Services on top of it made me feel confident that everything was being taken care of every step of the way.

Jenny   Konkin

Running a growing company is a little like herding cats; it can be a little to much for one person. Vince signs every one of his emails, On your team, Vince Schembri, which perfectly reflects my experience working with him. He and his team are my cat herders; they do a job I don’t want to do and they do it better than I ever could. But more than being abundantly competent, which they are, Vince does what he says he’ll do, follows up with me and my team diligently, and is there when I need him. Clydesdale Services have my thanks and my trust.

David   duChemin

CEO,    Pixelated    Image    Communications
I have dealt with other accounting firms in the past and it has been nothing but bad news. Having the knowledge and expertise from Clydesdale has completely lifted the weight off my shoulders and given me more time to deal with my business. I appreciate their honesty and diligence in the work they preform and I feel secure that everything is getting done right the first time around.

Adam   Granata

Sam’s   Garage   Doors,   Ltd.
I have been a client of Vince Schembri’s for the past four years. Vince and his colleagues at Clydesdale Services are personable, intelligent, and skilled. They have been very helpful in filing my taxes for my physiotherapy corporation.  I am impressed by their broad knowledge base and well developed communication skills. It is easily apparent that Vince is a hard worker and has a passion for his job. He is always more than willing to answer my questions and provide assistance when needed. Vince and his colleagues at Clydesdale Services are great to work with and I would recommend them to any of my friends, colleagues and family.

Stephen   Barclay

Physical   Therapist
We’ve been using Clydesdale Services for our accounting purposes for the last few years and we can truly say that they are always ready and enthusiastic to help us navigate through our taxes and share their insight and knowledge on financial matters. It’s a joy for us to be able to have a personal relationship with our accountant and knowing that we can pick up the phone whenever we have questions gives us peace of mind. To sum it up; Clydesdale Services makes accounting make sense.

Valerie   Wong

The   Sum   Communications
Having experienced the larger CGA and CA companies over the past eighteen years, it was refreshing to do business with a smaller more personalized accountant who understood and was in tune with our needs. Operating in a vibrant Finance / Real estate market our company was frequently adjusting position to capitalize on market share opportunities both retail and commercial. With limited resources, budget played  a major role in our day to day operations with corporate and personal income taxes always in the equation.In this regard we found the Principal to be knowledgeable, helpful and readily available at short notice  I have no hesitation in recommending this company to any small or intermediate company.

Thomas   Mc Queen

President,    Home   Lending   Associates   Inc.
I am very happy with the work Vince and his team are doing for me on behalf of my company. Having had two disastrous  experiences with other accountants. I found Vince through a recommendation , and he is in the process of getting me out of a  sticky situation. I have every confidence in them they are fast and efficient.

Sandra   Flower

Owner,    Shephers    House    of    Imports    Ltd.
We were referred to Vince and his team by friends of ours and been extremely happy with their service.  They were very quick to respond to any queries that we had and all the accounting was done in a timely professional manner.  We like that fact that we are able to submit our information remotely, so that we don’t need to take time out from our busy schedule for appointments.  We know that if we have any questions, that we can feel free to contact them anytime. 

Sue   and   Sean   Skoropat

A first rate advocate! Clydesdale Services provided sound, up-to-date financial advice to guide the operation of our small business. When it came time to sell, their unfailing and timely support greatly improved the outcome. Throughout the relationship, they anticipated hurdles, corrected service provider errors and defended our interests at every turn. We highly recommend making Clydesdale Services part of your team. Thanks again, Vince!

Shahin   Sadir

Owner,    Vera’s    Burger    Shack,    UBC
I’ve had my personal taxes done by Clydesdale for a number of years now and the friendly and professional service has always been outstanding.  Vince was my Canadian accountant whilst I was living abroad, he was knowledgeable on the tax laws surrounding foreign income and well trusted to do the job.  I was also audited a couple years back and Vince handled everything perfectly…  I hardly even knew I was being audited! 

Erin   Olorenshaw

Clydesdale Services Inc has been a part of our companies’ growth since 2007.  We know that successful businesses must have a solid working relationship with their accountants and advisors to complement their knowledge of the actual business.
Without Vince Schembri’s knowledge and suggestions, we wouldn’t have experience our level of success. We are very comfortable with our communication and the level of commitment and the availability when we need him.
Their willingness to help is based on their cost conscious approach and is unique and superior to others. During our audit experience, we found Clydesdale’s suggestions, support and organized approach and very helpful along with their familiarity of our business.
I’d highly recommend Clydesdale Inc  to any company looking for a professional  accounting firm and business advisors.

Tamir   Ofri

Owner,    ACO    Enterprises    Corp.